about us

At the dawn of the 21st century, when education is more important than ever before, we inculcate in our students fundamental values, such as hard work or individual thinking, and equip them with knowledge and skills they will need later in the professions, academia or more generally, in life.

As part of their whole education, we also nurture their appreciation for nature and the arts.

The children whose parents entrust us with their education, receive tuition enriched by our own academic experience. They become prepared to analyse critically the transferred information and knowledge, be able to understand it and develop their own mind and wisdom.

We train our students to use this knowledge in solving new problems, demonstrating their skills in regular assessment tests and formal exams.

We encourage students to see the concepts of Mathematics and Science in their perception of the world, whilst stimulating their curiosity and imagination in seeking to know how things work.

Children who study with us,

– work hard and enjoy achieving their goals,

– receive information made easy to understand,

– learn skills for studying and communication,

– increase their confidence and performance,

– improve their attention and focus,

– develop critical and independent thinking, and

– are always encouraged to excel.

We draw from our experience of many years in education and scientific research and add value to tutoring in many different ways, which are not normally possible to convey in a classroom.

Monica de Carlos, BSc

Daniel Glorioso, PhD