Wherever you are…

A great advantage of our virtual tutoring system is its time and location independence which allows for the flexibility that many students need.

Our online tuition system is as effective as our side-by-side one. We share voice, video and an interactive whiteboard on the WiZIQ platform, which has been designed specifically for teaching and learning.

The whiteboard replaces the pen and paper used in regular tutorials, and sessions are recorded for later reference and parental monitoring.

Online tuition is also environmentally friendly, given that there is no traveling involved and a first trial session of with us is free.

WiZiQ is an Internet-based and easy-to-use teaching/learning platform. A virtual whiteboard, which is displayed simultaneously on the screens of the student and tutor, makes online tutoring a highly interactive and rich learning experience. The use of WiZIQ is free for the students.


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