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The advantage in the road to university

To progress smoothly from GCSE to A-level, students must consolidate their knowledge and broaden understanding of difficult topics whilst gaining confidence. “For all but the very highest attaining students, the gap between GCSE and A-level is bigger in mathematics than in other subjects” (D.Wiliam, King’s College London). Continue reading

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A place to grow

“Home schooling is the only big idea in education reform that is mostly within a parent’s control. It reduces the problem of reform to the needs of an individual child and gives the job of addressing those needs to the one or two persons in the best position to do so” (“To Reform Education, Outsource It To Parents”, C. Mui, Forbes). Continue reading

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Individualized programmes to succeed in exams

“An examination is a test of learning, not memory. Hence, revision should be a process of consolidating understanding rather than cramming as much information as possible before the morning of the exam. Examiners want to see evidence that students have drawn on their knowledge to develop a reasoned argument, rather than replicate textbook facts” (CIE, Cambridge). Continue reading

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Wherever you are…

As more traditional established colleges and universities increase their own online offerings as an alternative to the standard classroom structure, it benefits the acceptance of online education as a whole. “Online learning takes students deeper into academic subjects more quickly, making them more adaptable thinkers” (R. Spiro, Michigan State University). Continue reading

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