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The path to education in America

The SAT Reasoning Test is a standardized test for college admissions in the United States.

The test consists of three major sections: Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing. Each section receives a score on the scale of 200–800. Hence the best possible total score is 2400.

SAT scores are just one of many criteria used by colleges to make admissions decisions. However, their importance shouldn’t be underestimated.

Our students start well in advance with their SAT test preparation, normally in Easter, to apply for admission for the Fall term in the following year.

SAT Subject Tests is the name for 20 tests given on individual subjects, usually taken to improve a student’s credentials for admission.

Students typically choose which Subject Tests to take depending on the admission requirements of the colleges they are planning to apply.

We prepare students for the SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject Tests in Mathematics (1 and 2), Physics, Biology and Spanish.

Click here to visit the SAT (College Board) official website.

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The advantage in the road to university

Head start tuition is the best approach to be prepared ahead of the start of the academic year or a new term.

It is based on the Oxbridge tutorial system, which is more rigorous than standard school lessons. During each session students receive personalised attention and can participate actively, concentrating on their work.

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A place to grow

We make home education accessible by offering a balanced combination of subjects, fostering critical thinking, creativity and constant learning. It can take place at home, online or as a combination of both.

KS3 tuition mainly follows the Cambridge International Examinations Lower Secondary programme. It includes Checkpoint, for Mathematics, English and Science.

The group size is limited to 3 pupils. Such a small number allows us to dedicate more time to the teaching/learning process and to assess the pupils more often. And it allows them more time for developing new ideas and discoveries. It allows also for a normal development in the child, with friends with whom to share their new experiences in home education.

We prepare students in international GCSE courses with specifications preferably from Cambridge International Examinations. These courses are normally taken in two years, although they can be taken in less time if the student shows potential and commitment. The English Baccalaureate, introduced in 2010, is a performance measure that recognizes students who achieve a C grade or better in their GCSEs.

Our home education system continues with A Level and Pre-U courses.

Nowadays there are many success stories of home educated children, such as Chelsea Link or Dakota Root.

From the past, Franklin, Monet, Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, Chaplin, Edison, Faraday, Shackleton, Agatha Christie, Dickens, Mark Twain, Beatrix Potter, Mozart, Leonardo da Vinci, Tolstoy, Albert Schweitzer, Melville, C.S. Lewis and Virginia Woolf are just a few notable persons who have one thing in common: they were home educated.

“What children need is not new and better curriculm but access to more of the real world; plenty of time and space to think over their experiences, and to use fantasy and play to make meaning out of them” (John Caldwell Holt).

In reply to the question: “Are there any alternatives to giving psychoactive drugs to children with behavioral abnormalities?”, Harvard psychologist Jerome Kagan answers: “Certainly. Tutoring, for example. Who’s being diagnosed with ADHD? Children who aren’t doing well in school. It never happens to children who are doing well in school. So what about tutoring instead of pills?”

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Individualized programmes to succeed in exams

Exam revision normally takes place during school holidays, when there is need for intensive revision and practice with past papers in exam conditions.

Support tuition takes place regularly over the year. It is intended for students who need to consolidate what it is covered in their schools or need help with homework or school projects.

The UK Department for Education recognizes that “individual tuition has always been the preferred method of additional support for pupils not achieving their potential”.

One-to-one tuition is based on the Oxbridge tutorial system, which is more rigorous than standard school lessons. During each session students receive personalised attention and can participate actively, concentrating on their work.

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Wherever you are…

A great advantage of our virtual tutoring system is its time and location independence which allows for the flexibility that many students need.

Our online tuition system is as effective as our side-by-side one. We share voice, video and an interactive whiteboard on the WiZIQ platform, which has been designed specifically for teaching and learning.

The whiteboard replaces the pen and paper used in regular tutorials, and sessions are recorded for later reference and parental monitoring.

Online tuition is also environmentally friendly, given that there is no traveling involved and a first trial session of with us is free.

WiZiQ is an Internet-based and easy-to-use teaching/learning platform. A virtual whiteboard, which is displayed simultaneously on the screens of the student and tutor, makes online tutoring a highly interactive and rich learning experience. The use of WiZIQ is free for the students.


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